2000W Modified Sine Wave DC 24V to AC Power Inverter

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The new 2000W Pure Sine Wave DC 24V AC Power Inverter that Transforms DC to AC. 

   The 2000W Pure sine wave AC power inverter is used to transform 24 volts of direct current into 2000 watts of alternative current. This is a useful device that can get the job done. With this power inverter, you can easily power small refrigerators, radios, TV’s, your car’s engine etc. This is a completely electronic power inverter that is small and portable. Most suitable for camping trips, RV’s etc. A power inverter machine produces a multiple step sinusoidal AC waveform, and that’s where the name “sine inverter” comes from. With this model of sine inverter, you can convert a certain amount of direct current from sources such as fuel cells or batteries into alternative current. This is a revolutionary power inverter that can provide silent alternative current energy at any time. This device can be a great asset when you are on an open road or away from any chargers or electrical sockets.  Besides the fact that it is really useful, the safety level of this device is very high. This sine inverter has protection systems from short circuits, overloading, high batter voltage, low battery voltage, alarms for excessive temperature and bad voltage. 

One year warranty


  • Modified sine wave output (THD<3%)
  • Power ON-OFF switch
  • Input voltage range:-15% to +25%
  • Output voltage regulation:±10%
  • Thermo control cooling fan
  • Two-color indicators display power and fault status
  • Protections:short circuit, overload, over temperature  
  • Low battery voltage, over battery voltage, lack-voltage alarm.
  • Topology: Microprocessor
  • Approvals: CE mark / EMC / LVD/ RoHS

The correct way of connecting the inverter to the external power supply:

The correct way of connecting the inverter to the external power supply

The correct way of connecting the inverter to the external power supply


Model M2000-24-110 M2000-24-220
Rated Power 2000W 2000W
Peak Power 4000W(within 5 millisecond)
DC Input Voltage 24V 24V
AC Output Voltage 110VAC±10% 220VAC±5%
No-load Current <1.02A(DC26V) <1.02A(DC26V)
AC Output Frequency 50HZ±2HZ/60HZ±2HZ
AC Output Waveform Modified sine wave
Full Load Efficiency >88%(DC26V) >88%(DC26V)
DC Input Voltage Range 21.6V-30V 21.6V-30V
Low Voltage Alarm 21±0.6V 21±0.6V
Low Voltage Protection 19±0.3V 19±0.3V
Over Voltage Protection 31±1V 31±1V
Low Voltage Recovery 23.6±0.4V 23.6±0.4V
Over Voltage Recovery 31.8±0.4V 31.8±0.4V
Over-load Protection 120%-125%
Protective Function Low voltage: LED red light turn on,buzzer warning, automatic recovery
Over voltage: LED red light turn on ,automatic recovery
 Over-load: LED red light on,machine locked, need to be rebooted
Over temperature: LED red light turn on,buzzer warning, automatic recovery
Short circuit(within 2 seconds): automatic recovery
Input reverse connection: Fuse burn-out
Work Temperature –10°C - +50°C
Storage Temperature –30°C - +70°C
Humidity 20%-90%RH without condensation
Work Altitude ≤1200m
Size 368*199*78mm
Net Weight 4.24±0.03kg
Package Size 455*260*170mm/1pc
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