Dial Gauge Tension Gauge Gram Force Meter Dual Pointer 100 g

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  • A device used for measuring tension between two objects. This is an analog tension gauge with two pointers. 

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     A tension gauge is a new type of tension meter. Basically, it serves the same purpose and can do the same things, but a tension gauge is much more practical, smaller, easier to use and cheaper. This type of a device can be used to measure various things: the tension of micro switches, valves, electronic switches and other tensions. When testing a tension, always use the active needle to dial the object that you want to measure by making the object move from stationary state to the wanted position. When doing this, it is recommended to make the object move as slow as possible (for example, engine belts). The slower the object is moving, the more accurate will the test be. The gauge can measure clockwise, but also counter clockwise, with the condition that the active needle arm must be pointed upward toward the direction of the push or pull force. The ATG dial tension gauge has many appealing sides: it is quite easy to use and everyone can learn to operate it, it looks sophisticated, unlike typical tension meters, you can choose from two units when testing (N and g), and it is very small and compact. 

1. High accuracy
2. Simple to test
3. Good packing
4. Exquisite outline
5. N and g two units to choose

Tension meter relay connections to apply pressure, electronic switches, micro-switches, valves, spring widening pressure, dial spindle pressure measurement equipment, automatic telephone equipment connections and pressure mechanical pressure armature, tape recorders buffer pressure point of contact pressure and other precision pressure, tension tests.

1. Simple to use
2. Refined appearance
3. Testing as long as needed to promote stylus test objects from the static position of the need to be mobile.
4. Tension along allows clockwise direction along an anti-clockwise test, but it always stylus arm and push in the direction of the vertical tension.


Types Max. measured value Division value Measuring range Size (cm) G.W. (kg)
Units : N 12 x 7 x3.5 0.25
ATG-5 5 0.2 1-5-1
ATG-10 10 0.5 2-10-2
ATG-30 30 1 6-30-6
ATG-50 50 2 10-50-10
ATG-100 100 5 20-100-20
ATG-150 150 5 30-150-30
ATG-300 300 10 60-300-60
ATG-500 500 20 100-500-100


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