High Purity Nitrogen Gas Generator N2 0-1000 mL 1 L

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High Purity Nitrogen Generator N2 0-1000 mL 1 L.

1. Introduction
This type High Purity Nitrogen Generator is made to extract high purity nitrogen from the air by the combination process of physical adsorption and electrochemical separation, catalyzed by rare metals. And the produced nitrogen, of which the purity can reach to 99.999%, doesn’t need deoxygenation. With advanced manufacturing technology, compact and reasonable structure, the instrument is suitable for various types of gas chromatographs.

The machine needs an air compressor, which is NOT inlcuded in the package.

2.  Main Technical Parameter

Nitrogen purity 99.99% (relative oxygen content)
Max. Output flow  0-1000 ml/min
Max. Output pressure 0.4 Mpa (special pressure, please tell us)
Working condition 220V/110V, 50HZ/60Hz
Environmental condition Temperature 0-40 °C, Relative humidity<85%
Without a lot of dust and corrosive gases
Input air pressure ≤ 0.5 Mpa
Maximum power 90 W
size 520 × 240 × 450mm (L × W × H)
Weight 28 kg

The maximum output flow of the gas generator is 1000ml/min, so please control your equipment's gas consumption below 500ml/min.

One year warranty!


(1) The electrolysis separation pool is made of stainless steel, in which the liquid storage, nitrogen generated and deoxygenation can be proceeded at the same time, and the electrolyte is circulated unblocked.
(2) Because of the big electrolysis area and the low temperature of the electrolysis pool, the output nitrogen is of big amount and high purity.
(3) Equipped with the device that prevent the returning of the liquid, the instrument is guaranteed no liquid returning phenomenon during operation.
(4) Equipped with over-voltage proof and over-current proof device, the instrument is safe and reliable.
(5) The instrument can be used continuously or discontinuously with long service life, stable performance such as flow and purity.
(6) The flow is visualized and convenient for user to check because it is tracked automatically and displayed in digital.
(7) The experiment work becomes more convenient because of the small volume, light weight, reasonable structure and easy operation of the instruments.

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