Hydrogen Nitrogen Air 3 in 1 Gas Generator H2 & N2&Air 0-500 mL

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Hydrogen Nitrogen Air 3 in 1 Generator 0-500 mL.

1. Introduction
Laboratory instrumentation replace traditional high pressure cylinder can be used alone or simultaneously; Can use intermittently and promote to use continuously and the gas purity will not attenuate. It is so easy to operate; only start power switch can start gas production. Output flow is stable. Nitrogen, hydrogen system with LCD digital display is more striking.

It not only has the advantages of HGN, HGH, HGA and similar products, but also with multi-level protection. It is a safe, trusty and convenient perfect combination. HGN in nitrogen adopts multiple new technologies to improve purity. It solves the problem of two gases in one bottle in the real sense. HGH in hydrogen adopts high barrel tower structure to separate the split cell.

Stock solution, hydrogen producing and oxygen emission can be carried on at the same time. Its electrolytic area is large, pool temperature is low and purity is high which make it a best Substitutes. HGA in air equipped with A B C process, bipolar regulator and multi-level protection. The nitrogen and hydrogen system both have the equipments to stop. It can make sure that the instrument has no returning fluid phenomenon. Just add distilled water for everyday use. Energy efficient, with advanced switching power, it can improve electrolytic efficiency.

2.  Main Technical Parameter

      rate of purity (the relative oxygen) operation pressure flow rate/min
Purity Nitrogen 0.99999 04Mpa 0-500ml
Hydrogen 0.99999 0.4Mpa 0-500ml
Air oil-3 0.5Mpa 0-5 L
Supply voltage 220V/110V, 50HZ/60Hz
Ambient temperature 0-40⁰C   relative humidity < 85%
Environmental conditions without a lot of dust and corrosive gases
Maximum power 450W
Dimensions 500 x 400 x 360 mm    ( L × W × H)
Weight 42Kg
Remarks 1. factory setting hydrogen pressure 0.4MPa
2. output stability≤ 0.01MPa

The maximum output flow of the gas generator is 500ml/min, so please control your equipment's gas consumption below 250ml/min.

One year warranty!

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