Replacement for Cummins Speed Controller EFC3044196

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  • This is a replacement for speed controller. A very needed part for different kinds of motors.

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   This is a speed controller that is an important part of numerous classes of electric motors. They are widely used in many different types of industries. With the widespread use of electric motors, this part can be found in automobiles, cars, helicopters, boats, airplanes and electric bikes.

    The properties of this product are RPM Stability of <±0.25% ,it has a speed range of 1KH~6.5KHz with the thermal stability of max ±0.7%, IDLE regulation of 260 ±20Hz, the DROOP Regulation of Minimum 15Hz ±6Hz/ 1 amp and Maximum 400Hz ±75Hz/ 1 Amp, external speed regulation of ±200Hz  (with 1 KΩ connected)

   AUX input sensitivity is 148Hz / 1V. , ±10Hz, impedance of 1MΩ, with working temperature range of -40 ~ 85 °C.

   As far as working environment is concerned - the best working humidity range of Maximum 95%, the stocking temperature between -55 ~ 92 °C, shocking value 20-100HZ  500mm/Sec.

   Proper power supply for this product is voltage of 12V or 24V, grounding pole should be negative. As far as power supply is concerned, it should be 40mA, the actuator continuous current is minimum 1A and maximum 4. 5A with the signal 2 ~ 120V RMS.

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This is a replacement for Cummins Speed controller EFC3044196


RPM Stability: 

<±0. 25% 

Speed Range: 

1KHz ~ 6. 5KHz 

Thermal Stability: 

Max ±0. 7% 

IDLE Regulation: 

260 ±20Hz 

DROOP Regulation: 

Minimum 15Hz ±6Hz/ 1 Amp 

Maximum:  400Hz ±75Hz/ 1 Amp 

External Speed Regulation:  

±200Hz  (with 1 KΩ connected)  

AUX Input Sensitivity:  

148Hz / 1V. , ±10Hz 



Working Temp Range: 

-40 ~ 85 °C


Working Humidity Range:  

Maximum 95% 

Stocking Temp: 

-55 ~ 92 °C


20-100HZ  500mm/Sec.  



12V or 24V 

Grounding Pole:  

Negative pole 

Power Supply: 


Actuator Continuous Current: 

Minimum 1A, Maximum 4. 5A 



2 ~ 120V RMS 


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