Rope Tension Tester 100 KN

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Rope Tension Tester 100 KN.

Applied Occasions
Rope Tension Testing Instrument can be applied to various occasions, such as power industry, telecommunications industry, transportation industry, glass curtain wall decoration, ropeway industry, construction industry, pleasure grounds, tunnel construction, fishing, major research institutions and teaching institutions, testing institutions and other occasions involved with the tension of ropes and steel wire ropes.

Functional Features
1. It has the rope structure with tension force, and can be measured directly without the need of being taken apart.
2. It has the light weight, simple structure, convenient operation, and applies to any situations.
3. It has the stable performance, high measurement accuracy, with automatic system compensation function. When the specification of the tested rope is the same as the rope tension testing instrument rope number, the measurement accuracy can reach 2% error or less within the rated measurement range.
4. It has broader range of measurement, with 15 kinds of rope-diameter measuring functions.
5. Applied range: applied to flexible, stretched ropes, such as various steel wire ropes, high-strength ropes, etc.
6. Accuracy grade: 2--6% of maximum function (depending on the rope form and features).
7. Rope Diameter: Φ6 ~ Φ40mm.

1. function keys 2. LCD screen 3. handle 4. Rs232 9-hole socket and power socket 5. support seat  6. positioning block 7. locking block 8. hand wheel

Specification parameters

Model specificationsASZ-20ASZ-50ASZ-100ASZ-200
Maximum load value (KN)2050100200
Divided load value (KN)
Output connectorRs232 9-hole socket
Powerrechargeable battery  charger (charging voltage 100V ~ 240V)
Operating temperature5°C ~ 35°C
Transport temperature-10°C ~ 60°C
Relative humidity15% ~ 80%RH
OperationNo vibration focus and corrosive media around
Net weight5 kg
Dimensions650 × 375 × 100 mm

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