Shore Rubber and Plastic Hardness Tester Type A/C/D

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A type A, C or D Shore rubber hardness tester used to test various types of rubber plastic, elastomeric and other types of elastic materials.

When manufacturing products out of rubber and plastic, the manufacturers have to constantly check whether they are of proper quality. One of those tests is to check the hardiness of the material. The goal is to see whether the rubber (or plastic) is hard enough for the product or perhaps too soft and too malleable. There are three models of this apparatus available: Type A, Type C and Type D, all used for measuring and testing of different types of rubber, as well as some other materials. Type A is used for testing low- and medium-hardness materials (soft rubber, printer roller and other elastomeric materials), Type C for testing rubber, micro-porous materials, and Type D for hard rubber materials (hard resin, acrylic, glass, printing plates, etc.).

This hardness-measuring apparatus conforms to the regulations of GB/T531-99, GB2411-80, hg/t2489-93, JJG304-2003.

1. Easy to carry
2. Simple to test 
3. High accuracy 
4. Exquisite outline 
5. Needle indicates


Type A: applicable to general rubber, synthetic rubber, vulcanized rubber, soft rubber, leather, wax, etc. 
Type C: applicable to the hardness test of rubber microporous material.
Type D: applicable to hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, cushiony plastic cement, printing plates, fiber, etc. 

Major performances 
Shaw rubber hardness gauge is an apparatus to measure vulcanized rubber and plastic products. This apparatus has three models of Type A, Type C and Type D, and each model is subdivided into two types of single pointer and double pointer.

Type A and D respectively are applicable to the testing of low and medium hardness, and high-hardness materials. 

Type C applies to the testing of microporous material which is used to make shoes, with compression rate 50 percent, stress 0.049 MPa or above, and this kind of material is made of rubber plastic and has blister in plastic.

This hardness gauge conforms to the regulations of GB/T531-99, GB2411-80, hg/t2489-93, JJG304-2003.


Types Type A Type C Type D
Calibration Value 0-100 HA 0-100 HC 0-100 HD
Resolution 1 HA 1 HC 1 HD
Pressure Head Size Φ 1.25 mm R 2.5 mm Φ 1.25 mm
End pressure of Pressure Head 0.55 N-8.06 N 0.55 N-8.06 N 0-44.5 N
Pressure Needle Range 0-2.5 mm
Apparatus Weight 0.3 kg
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