Rubber Plastic Hardness Tester Shore Durometer Type D Single Pointer

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Single Pointer Shore Durometer Type D. A gadget used for the purpose of testing the hardness of plastic. 

    Rubber Plastic Hardness Tester Shore Durometer Type D Single Pointer is easy to carry around, and using it for testing is rather simple, plus it gives the results of high accuracy. It is applicable to hard rubber, plastic, hard resin, printing plates, acrylic glass, cushiony plastic, cement, fibre etc. The machine has a calibration value of 0 to 100 HD, resolution is 1HD and pressure head size amounts Φ1.25 mm, whereas end pressure of pressure head is 0-44.5 N. The pressure of the needle range is 0-2.5 mm, and the whole apparatus weighs only 0.3kg. In the event that you have any uncertainty when it comes to using the machine, the English instruction manual can be downloaded, since it is located lower on this page. Lastly, the total shipping may last up to 20 days, but for those located in North America or most of the Europe, the shipping should not take longer than 5 days plus additional 3 or 4 days, since that is how long it takes for the order to be processed.  


1. Easy to carry
2. Simple to test
3. High accuracy
4. Exquisite outline
5. Needle indicates


Type D: applicable to hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, cushiony plastic cement, printing plates, fiber, etc.

This hardness gauge conforms to the regulations of GB/T531-99, GB2411-80, hg/t2489-93, JJG304-2003.


Types Type D
Calibration Value 0-100HD
Resolution 1 HD
Pressure Head Size Φ1.25 mm
End pressure of Pressure Head 0-44.5 N
Pressure Needle Range 0-2.5 mm
Apparatus Weight 0.3 Kg

English Manual Download

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