1 W LED Medical Headlight Surgical Head Lamp KD-202A-1(A) CE FDA

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High quality head lamp. Provides good illumination and is cost effective. 


   The KD-202A-1 Surgical dental lamp has three wear modes which are plug type, clamp type and head type mode. The clamp type is designed and most suitable for people who wear glasses and for the users of binocular loupes. The head type can be used by many different crowds, and for all kinds of applications and purposes. The plug type of KD-202A-1 head lamp is designed strictly for matching the binocular loupes of the same manufacturer. The characteristics of KD-202A-1 Head lamp is that it has a small volume, the structure is very compact and simple, and most importantly, the price for a head lamp of this level is relatively cheap. The illumination is provided by a 1W LED lamp which can last for a long time as its average working life is about fifty thousand hours. The whole product consists of the main lamp, supporting parts, a charger, a power supply box etc. This model uses a wide voltage range power supply which makes it suitable for everyone to use it at any place. The head band is light and wide, which makes it very comfortable for wearing. Both insert and fixture are made out of plastic, and can be disinfected without any problems. 

CE and FDA certified


Model KD-202A-1
Lamp Power LED 1 W
lllumination 40000 lx
C.T 5500 ± 500 K
Light Spot Diameter 60 mm
Lamp life 50000 h
Power Supply DC
Battery Number 1
Working Time 4 h
DC Charging Voltage AC 90 - 240 V
DC Charging Time 5 h
Net Weight 0.26 kg
Package Size 170 x 125 x 52 mm

For more detail information, please refer to the English Manual

Comparison and more option

Model KD-202A-7(2013) KD-202A-6 KD-202A-7 KD-202A-3 KD-202A-2 KD-202A-1 KD-202A-1(1 W) KD-203A
Lamp Power LED 5W LED 3 W LED 1 W 2 m Fiber
llumination 80000 lx, Adjustable 60000 lx, Adjustable 65000 lx 40000 lx  
C.T 5500 ± 500 K  
Light Spot Diameter 10 - 100 mm 60 mm  
Light Effect                
Lamp life 50000 h  
Power Supply DC AC, DC DC  
Battery Number 2 1 2 1 1 1 1  
Working Time 4 h/2 h 4 h 4 h/2 h 4 h 7 h 4 h 4 h  
DC Charging Voltage AC 90 - 240 V  
DC Charging Time 5 h  
Net Weight 0.42 kg 0.42 kg 0.36 kg 0.4 kg 0.36 kg 0.26 kg 0.26 kg 0.32 kg
Package Size 205 x 190 x 127 mm 170 x 125 x 52 mm

205 x 190 x 127 mm

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