100g 0.1mg Analytical Balance U.S. Solid Lab Digital Precision Scale

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This U.S. Solid® analytical balance adopts the Electromagnetic Force Compensation Technology, providing measurement range up to 100 g with 0.1 mg resolution, very suitable for precision weighing in the laboratory. It is built with Aluminum alloy die cast base, stainless steel pan and glass draft shield. It offers 3 kinds of measuring unit: g, ponds and ounce. The LCD display and RS232 interface make the reading more convenient and easy to operate continuous measurement.

A scale with high accuracy is a key to efficiency for precision weighing in pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing and chemical analysis, for even a microgram can result in different things. Then how to choose a

appropriate scale with the minimum budget but meeting all your demand?

There are many things to think about before making a decision. You should consider the total value that the scale will bring to your operation.

. Capacity

Which capacity do you need? Make sure that you have learned these specifications: the overload rate of the scale (our scales provide a 150% overload rating, which means when weight exceeds 50% of the max. value, balance will be in the overload protective mode and won’t be damaged.), the way you routinely add weight to the scale, for if you routinely add weight to a scale by dropping, it will result a dynamic load. In general, it is better to choose a scale with capacity twice you expect to place weight on.


Readability is the minimum data you can read. A general rule of thumb is to buy a scale which is 10 times the precision you need.

. Repeatability & Linearity

Repeatability and linearity indicate the precision of a scale. They are also major factors affecting your decision.

. Unit

Different fields have different industrial requirement. When buying a scale, it is important to ensure that you understand this issue and buy the scale that fits your operation. Our scales have Weighing unit conversation g/mg/ct/oz.

. Functions

Depending on your operation, you may need other functions besides weighing, such as tare function, bubble level adjustment, under hook, parts counting, percentage weighing, etc.

. Environment and Temperature

Scales with higher accuracy are more easily affected by environment (such as humidity, air current) and temperature. So where will you use the scale is another important factor to think about.


1. Capacity: 100 g, 150% overload rating

Adopts the Electromagnetic Force Compensation load cell, providing the balance with high precision and long lifetime;

2. Readability: 0.1 mg; Repeatability: ±0.2 mg; Linearity: ±0.3 mg; 2 – 3 s respond speed(stabilization Time)

3. Unit: g/mg/ct/oz

4. Functions: Full capacity subtraction; parts counting; percentage weighing(optional);Over load protection; bubble level adjustment;under hook

5. Aluminum alloy die cast base, stainless steel panand glass draft shield

6. Tempeature

We’d better use the USS-DBS series analytical scale in 17.5°C~22.5°C,temperature fluctuation less than 1°C/h.

7. Calibration: manual calibration;

8. Connection: RS232

Technical Parameters


Brand U.S. Solid
Model USS-DBS4
Measurement Unit g, pound, ounce
Max.Capacity 100 g
Min.Capacity 10 mg
Readability 0.2 mg
Linearity ±0.3 mg
Repeatability ±0.1 mg
Settling Time ≤ 8 sec.
Operating Temperature 17.5 ~ 22.5 °C, fluctuation range < 1 °C/h
Pan Size Φ80 mm
Bubble Level Adjustment Yes
Output Interface RS232/USB
Windshield Size

225 x 220 x 265 mm

195 x 170 x 235 mm(Available Space)


Function Weighing; Part Counting;
Percent Weighing; Under hook
Density Measurement(Optional, not including)
Scope Of Testing 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Peeled Range 0 - 20.0000 g/cm³
Measurement Precision 0.1 mg/cm³
Repeat Accuracy ±0.2 mg/cm³
Resolution 0.11 mg/cm³
General Information
Dimensions 340 x 215 x 350 mm
Net Wight 7200 g
Power Supply AC 110-240 V
Universal Adaptor DC: 9 V-2200 mA
Serial No. Yes

English Manual Download


1 x Scale

1 x English Manual

1 x Universal Adaptor

1 x Weight

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