1000pcs Anti Theft Hard Security Tags

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Hard security tags used for big stores. Secure your merchandise and cut unnecessary money loss. 

There are two different kinds of electronic alarm systems that are used for the protection of goods. This is important because if you get tags that are different kind from your electronic alarm system, they won’t work. These hard tags that we offer work based on radio frequency technology. Basically, these tags are a low circuit tank that posses a resonance peak at 8.2mhz. The detection occurs when sweeping the goods or when someone walks through your electronic alarm system carrying the hard pin tag. The hard pin security tags are used worldwide and are one of the safest ways of protection. The best feature of hard tags is that they are immunized against magnets, meaning that no one can destroy them with magnets and walk out of your store with shoes, clothes or any other goods. You can use hard tags for protecting delicate items such as hats, lingerie, coats, shirts, as well as hardware, electronic equipment, sports equipment and other. Some of the characteristics that have been confirmed by previous users are durability, extraordinary detection, great quality and resistance. It is also very easy to use  The material used for the production of these items is ABS plastic, and they have a detection range of approximately 1.5 meters. 

Diameter 45 mm
Radio Frequency 8.2 MHz
Material ABS plastic
Detect Range 1.5 m - 1.64 m
Color White or Black (Optional)

    Function:  Special designed for the clothing, shoes, hats, sporting goods, bags etc. Lock       those products with hard tags to make them have security protection.

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