110V Electric Tabletop Centrifuge LD-5 4000rpm 8*50ml

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A small, low-speed centrifuge used for research and education in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, etc. Works at speeds up to 4000 rpm.

Low-speed centrifuges, such as this one, can be used in many fields that are related to biology, chemistry, medicine, as well as some other sciences. They are useful in teaching purposes, as well, but are mostly used for scientific and diagnostic purposes. Basically, they are some of the most useful machines in every laboratory.

   With the maximum speed of 4000 revolutions per minute, this LD-5 Electric Benchtop Centrifuge is very useful when it comes to separating cells and particles and appraising immunity to radioactivity and it can be used by diagnosticians, scientists and instructors alike.

    Since working in a laboratory usually means multi-tasking, this machine has a timer installed which counts mechanical time, stopping the machine after enough time has passed (the timer goes up to 60 minutes), freeing up the laboratory worker to pay attention to other things instead of waiting impatiently by the centrifuge and counting the seconds required.

Attention: After working for a period of time, the temperature of sample may rise by 5-15â„? And you’d better not keep the machine running more than 30 minutes at a time.


  • Power Supply: AC 110 V/ 60 Hz
  • Maximum Speed: 4000 r/min (stepless control)
  • Time Range: 0-60min (Mechanical Time) 
  • Capacity: 50ml×8
  • Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force:2395*g

We have included a manual on how to operate the centrifuge, which you can download here. It is recommended that you take a look at the manual before using the centrifuge.