15 KW High Frequency Induction Heater 30-80 KHz 110V

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Working with metals and their processing often requires that there is a constant, stable and reliable working temperature around so that they can be treated. Stable high temperatures are usually provided by high-frequency induction heaters, which allow the operator to use targeted heating and quickly and efficiently heat the area required.

    When it comes to inductive heating, the  LH-15A High-Frequency Induction Heater is among the best. It adopts the latest MOSPET and IGBT power units and the latest frequency control methods and techniques, and provides high efficiency, low energy consumption and very high output power. Through this, it achieves efficient and quick heating of any targeted area, and is highly useful when heating metals.

    It has a 100% load design, which means that it can work 24 hours without stopping. Should there be a problem, there is an infrared temperature detector which alarms the operator if the machine overheats, and it also allows easier temperature control and simplifies manual operation. 

Main Features

1. Power consumption is half of traditional electron tube high frequency induction heating equipments under same conditions

2. Heating, insulating, and cooling time can be adjusted separately. Benefit for a batch of workpieces and fast heating.

3. Multiple status display of overflow, overvoltage, low water, phase failure and load malfunction. Provides higher reliability and sustainability

4. Select power supply according to the power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the diathermancy.


Model LH-15A
Input Voltage Single Phase; 110 V
Max. Output Power 15 KW
Max. Heating Temperature 1200°C
Fluctuating Frequency 30 - 80 KHz
Fluctuating Heating Current 200 - 600 A
Thermal Insulation Current 200 - 600 A
Cooling Timing 1 - 99 s(Auto)
Termal Insulation Timing 1 - 99 s(Auto)
Heating Timing 1 - 99 s(Auto)
Flow Rate of Cooling Water 0.06 - 0.12 Mpa 7.5 L/Min
Water Temp. Protection Point 40°C
Net Weight 25 kg
Dimension 550 x 220 x 470 mm

English Manual Download


1. A heating coil with diameter 30 mm and a 1.5 m M6 copper tube will be included for free. If you would like to order more heating coils or other dimensions, please contact us by emailing service@joyfay.com with your order number and the details of coil you need.

2. Customized coil please click here.

2. This machine cannot be used with a plug. A wire will be necessary to connect the machine to power source directly (the cross-sectional area of power line must be larger than 6 square milimeters.)


Works with gold, silver, aluminum, etc weighing between 0.5 to 2 kg;

Size of crucible that can be used is between 60*80 mm and 100*125 mm (Generally 75 * 90 mm ).

Packing List

1 x Induction Heater
1 x 30 mm diameter with 3 turns heating coil
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Manual

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