2 L Liquid Nitrogen Container Cryogenic LN2 Tank Dewar Empty with Strap

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2 L Liquid Nitrogen Container Cryogenic LN2 Tank Dewar Empty with Strap is available to buy in increments of 1
2 L Liquid Nitrogen Container Cryogenic LN2 Tank Dewar with Strap YDS-2-30
High-strength aluminum alloy structure;

Multi-layer thermal isolation design;
Optional locking cover to protect stored biological samples;
Protective jacket to prevent collision;
Two-year vacuum warranty.


Model YDS-2-30
Capacity 2 L
Material Aluminum Alloy
Neck Diameter (mm) 30
Outer Diameter (mm) 224
Height (mm) 360
Static Evaporation Loss (L/d) 0.06
Static Hold Time (Day) 32
Canister Outer Diameter (mm) 19
Canister Height (mm) 120
Number of Canisters 3 pcs
Straw Holding Capacity
 (Single Level)
0.5 ml 90
0.25 ml 204
Optional Locking Cover Yes

Note: This is empty and you can get liquid nitrogen from local hospital ,gas industry ,chemical plants, chemical markets, hospitals, beauty salons, livestock stations,etc.

Attention: This container is only suitable for the static storage of liquid nitrogen, not suitable for the transport of liquid nitrogen. 

What makes our products different---Detail and profession

1. Professional

Our manufacturer has specialized in the design and manufacture for morethan 30 years (Since 1976), and has a good reputation for its high qualityliquid nitrogen container. It is the biggest LN2 tank manufacturer in theworld.

2. High quality

ISO 13485 (medical device) standard and MDD approval from APRAGAZ.

3. Safety

Special designed pump-out lid can be easily to taken out manually, whichcan release pressure when LN2 leaked into cavity from inner tanks, while othermanufacturers’ are difficult to take out manually.

Less welding joints on inner tanks, good quality of welding, good stampingprocess, all of which reduce possibility of leakage within inner tanks.

4. Robust and Durable

More than 5 years useful life; Still work well when the tanks arescratched and deformed to have pits due to improper handling.

5. Painting

Use the Sherwin Williams paint: anti low temp, weather proof, good adherence.

6. Lockable Cover

PC Used: anti low temp, weather proof, high tenacity.


7. Most shells are formed by stamping, even and flat surface.

8. less body welding joints, less leakage likelihood.

9. Cork: adopts multi airtight holes, same material inside and outside;good thermal insulation, no crack on the surface with longtime use.

10. Top quality active carbon absorbent.

11. Inner shell: Less welding joints; no wrinkles on surface; no scratchon surface; surface clean.

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