20 L Liquid Nitrogen Container Cryogenic Tank LN2 Dewar flask Empty

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U.S.Solid offers a 20 L Liquid Nitrogen Container for the storage of your LN2. Our tank is constructed using Dewars technology; insulating technique using a vacuum area between two interior walls. We use aircraft grade aluminum in its design, making this container lightweight and portable. It comes with an insulated padded cover which helps lower LN2 loss.The tank comes complete with 6 canisters fixed to straws for the storage of specimens inside the vessel. It is portable and weighs approx. 28 lbs. empty (about 65 lbs. full) which ideal in most environments. Static time of LN2 for this tank is 145 days, which is longer than most.

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) has a wide array of uses in our world today. With its ability to sustain temperatures far below the freezing point of water, LN2 is valuable in a wide array of settings. LN2 is employed in many different industries. Doctors and hospitals use LN2 for cryopreservation of blood, organs, or other biological fluids and for the freeze therapy of warts and other skin conditions. The food and beverage industry uses LN2 to flash freeze food, which decreases spoilage, discoloration and bad–tastes of food, and strengthens the packaging for shipping of food.

Whatever you use LN2 for, this tank will more than satisfy your storage needs.


Brand U.S. Solid
GTIN-12 (U.P.C.) 888107027997
U.S. Solid Model USS-LNT00006
Volume 20 L
Neck Diameter 1.97" (50 mm)
Vessel Diameter  15.12" (384 mm)
Vessel Height 25.2" (640 mm)
Empty Weight 11.20 kg
Static Holding Time 145 days
Evaporation 0.13 L/day
Number of Canisters for storage of samples  6
Depth of Canisters 4.33" (110 mm)
Diameter of Canister 1.38" (35 mm)

1. This container is only suitable for the static storage of liquid nitrogen, not suitable for the transport of liquid nitrogen.
2. This is empty and you can get liquid nitrogen from local hospital ,gas industry ,chemical plants, chemical markets, hospitals, beauty salons, livestock stations,etc.
3. Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold and if it touches your skin, you will be burned. Please consider buying Cryogen Protective Gloves which are offered on our website.


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