30L Cryogenic Container Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Tank Empty

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These liquid nitrogen containers with light weight, easy carrying, long holding time, are widely used for medical and scientific research departments.

Note: These tanks are shipped empty. Customer will need to obtain own Liquid Nitrogen.

Note: This is empty and you can get liquid nitrogen from local hospital ,gas industry ,chemical plants, chemical markets, hospitals, beauty salons, livestock stations,etc.

Attention: This container is only suitable for the static storage of liquid nitrogen, not suitable for the transport of liquid nitrogen.


Model USS-LNT00007
Capacity 30 L
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mouth Diameter (mm) 50
Outer Diameter (mm) 438
Height (mm) 700
Empty Weight (kg) 13.8
Normal Holding Time (Days) 295
Number of Canisters 6 pcs
Depth of Canister 110 mm
Diameter of Canister 35 mm


Shipping origin Ohio or Nevada
Processing time 1 ~ 2 business days
Shipping time 2~5 business days(Fedex Ground or USPS)