Analytical Balance for the Laboratory, 100g/.1 mg Readability

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When working in an analytical chemistry laboratory, precision is of the utmost importance. This is where the USS-DBS24 excels. This model comes with strong ratings for both repeatability and linearity. With a repeatability variance of ±0.0002 g, you can be sure to get precise measurements every time. With a linearity variance of ±0.0003, your measurements will be accurate throughout the entire 100 g of measurements. This level of accuracy is what earns the USS-DBS24 the distinction of being a Class 1 instrument. This is the most precise and accurate, and is the standard for instruments intended for “Precision Laboratory Weighing.”

In addition to high levels of precision and accuracy, laboratory balances must be able to keep environmental factors from affecting the results. This analytical balance comes engineered with a draft shield attached to the base. These sliding glass doors keep the specimen free of wind, humidity, and vibrations during the weighing process. When working in a chemical lab, these small changes can have significant impacts, which is why the enclosure is a necessity for accurate scientific weighings. Sometimes, materials to be measured can be incommodious for weighing. In this case, the conveniently placed underhook setup makes this problem easy to solve. The underhook is also useful for calculating densities.

This analytical balance uses electromagnetic force compensation technology to calculate mass. These types of balances are significantly more accurate than standard top-load balances, which is reflected in the excellent class rating of the scale. While this scale is precise, accurate, and consistent, it is also easy to use. The balance utilizes a backlit LED display for easily recording measurements. Additionally, the scale can weigh in ounces, grams, milligrams, or carats. Finally, the RS-232 connection provides a direct outlet for data transference.

The US-DBS24 will complement the work of any analytical chemistry lab, or simplify things for the at-home scientist. It is affordable and accurate, accomplishing all of your scientific needs. The equipment comes with a one year warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding this balance.

1. Capacity: 100 g - 320 g(optional), 150% overload rating
2. Readability: 0.1 mg; Repeatability: ±0.2 mg; Linearity: ±0.2 mg; 2 – 3 s respond speed(stabilization Time)
3. Unit: g/mg/ct/oz
4. Functions: Full capacity subtraction; parts counting; percentage weighing(optional);Over load protection; bubble level adjustment;under hook
5. Electromagnetic Force Compensation load cell, more stable and precision;
6. Tempeature: We’d better use the series analytical scale in 17.5°C ~ 22.5°C;
7. Calibration: manual calibration;
8. Connection: RS232

Model USS-DBS24-... 11 12  16  21 22 3 31 32
Max.Capacity 100 g 110 g 120 g 160 g 200 g 210 g 220 g 300 g 310 g 320 g
Min.Capacity 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg 10 mg
Resolution 0.0001 g
Repeatability ±0.0002 g
Settling Time ≤  8 s
Operating Temperature 17.5 ~ 22.5 °C, fluctuation range < 1 °C/h
Relative Humidity(RH) 50% ~ 75%
Pan Size Φ80 mm
Windshield(L*W*H) 21.5 x 20.2 x 22.2 cm
Dimension(L*W*H) 32 x 21.5 x 35 cm
Net Weight 5.4 kg
Power Supply AC 110-240 V; Universal Adaptor DC: 9 V-2200 mA

1 x Scale
1 x English Manual
1 x Universal Adaptor
1 x Weight

Shipping origin China
Processing time 2~4 business days
Shipping time 3~7 business days(Fedex International Economy or DHL)
One Year Warranty!