Anti Theft Security Hard Tag Pin Detacher XTA-T02

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A magnetic security tag detacher used to remove hard tags. Good for big stores, supermarkets, clothing stores…

Anti Theft EAS Hard Tag Pin Remover


   Owning a store means that you must pay attention to many small details. Those small details can make a difference whether you make profit or not.A wise man once said “time is money”, and we all know this is true. But the difference between a good businessman and an excellent one is that the second one knows where time can be saved.

   The device that can certainly save you a lot of time, and money for that matter, is a pin detacher. A magnetic pin detacher removes magnetic tags from different products fast and easy. Think about how much time you can save per day with this device if every customer can leave the counter much faster and not make a line.

    It is highly recommended that every bigger store has at least two tag pin detachers. One for the counter and one for the non-customer area. With this device, the selling process will be much faster, and you can save money if you use re-usable tags. This particular pin detacher is only usable for hard pins, and it is powerful, with the magnetic force of 7500GS. It is installed very easily, and it is quite durable, meaning it is a good long term investment.


This item is widely used in the supermarket and clothing store, remove the hard tag pin easily, it will make the work more effectively.


Model XTA-T02
Size  70*45*45 mm
Magnetic force 7500 GS
N.W. 450 g
Material Alumina(Chrome finished)
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