Automatic Ink Roller Marking & Coding Machine Coder For Product Date MY-380F

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Automatic Ink Roller Marking & Coding Machine Coder For Product Date MY-380F is available to buy in increments of 1

A high quality my-380f dry-ink coding machine. This machine is suitable for almost every variation of packing material. 

    The MY-380f dry-ink coding machine can only use fast dry ink roller and solid ink roll, and it is highly recommendable that you don’t use any other. The solid ink roll & Fast-dry ink roller are good to use for any kind of material. This model of dry ink coding machine can be used for a very long time if handled properly. The quality of the machine is exceptional, and you should definitively learn how to use it properly for a long operation period. Before using this machine, we recommend reading the user manual. The object on which is worked is selected by a special sensor, and after that, it is handled by a special stepping clutch. Using the special stepping clutch will provide a very precise and low noise operation. Before starting to print, it is important to turn the machine on and wait for about ten minutes for it to get warm, when the temperature is approximately 100C, the machine is ready to operate. After turning the master and the run switch on, adjust the proper distance and the sensor signal of each individual sheet. When you connect the sensor, the printing wheel should be turning and the clutch should be working, if this is not the case, check the sensor again. 

One Year Warranty!


*Uses photoelectric integration technology; 

*Auto-assign function, auto-counting function, free orientation function, print times preset function etc.; 

*Fits for printing colorful product date, batch number, validity, verification qualified and so on in the surface of the paper boxes, tags, drops, certificate, etc.;

*Printing clearly, fast, reliable;

*You can change the printing color according to your need. 

* Outside Material: Standard Stainless Steel


Technical Specifications

Model MY-380F
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power 180 W
Ink Roller Size 35 x 32 mm
Printing Line T type: 11 lines, R type: 8 lines
Font Size 2 x 1.5(8PT) 2 x 2.5(9PT)
Size That Suitable for Print L: 50-500 mm; W: 30-190 mm
Printing Speed Max. 300 times/min
Overall Dimensions 400 X 345 X 300 mm
Weight 23kg
English Manual Download
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