Automatic Polarimeter Sodium Lamp +/-45 LCD w/Cell WZZ-3

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Measurement range: -45~+45, Accuracy: (0.01 + measuring value 0.05%), Repeatability: 0.003.

  +/-45 LCD Automatic Polarimeter Sodium Lamp W/Cell WZZ-3


The Automatic Polarimeter Sodium Lamp WZZ-3 is, first and foremost, a general-purpose polarimeter which can be used by any optometrist to measure the rotating angle of the polarized light passing through the device. The light is developed when sodium is in an “excitedâ€?state, as scientists would say. The most important thing to mention about this device is the fact that it can perform measurements with ± 0.01 degrees optical rotation accuracy. The instrument is applicable in many industries some of which are related to food products, however, it is also widely used in university education, the chemical industry and it can be used for various fragrance applications. If you have any more questions about this purchase, please feel free to contact us. For a more thorough insight, check the information presented below.


1. Photoelectric test and microcomputer control 

2. Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, concentration and sugar degree

3. Automatic repetition-measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root

4. RS232

Technical Specification

Test Modes  optical rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree and concentration
Light Source Sodium Lamp
Wavelength 589 nm
Measurement Range ± 45° (optical rotation), ± 120° Z (sugar)
Accuracy ± (0.01 + measurement value x 0.05%)° (optical rotation)
Repeatability â‰?0.003° (optical rotation)
Display LCD
Test Tube 200 mm, 100 mm (each one)
Sample Transmittance > 10%
Interface RS232
Operation Voltage AC 220 V ± 22 V/ 50 Hz or AC 110 V ± 11 V/ 60 Hz  (Optional)
Overall Dimensions 730 x 480 x 470 mm
Gross Weight 36 kg