Our Giant Teddy Bears Are Amazing, in spite of fairy tales!

Posted by admin on Nov 16th 2017

Dear customers,We have recently been exposed to less than fair treatment by some of the reviewers who skewed the angle of the camera to portray the legs of our giant teddy bears to appear larger than … read more

Teddy Bear and Friends Charity

Posted by admin on Feb 8th 2017

The Story of Teddy Bear and Friends CharityTeddy Bear and Friends started as a family tradition with my two daughters, and later my six grandchildren. In November of 2007, I was at Goodwill picking o … read more

5 Amazing Facts about Bears

Posted by admin on Jan 19th 2017

Bears are truly incredible creatures. They live on 5 of the seven continents, are enormous, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Bears are most concentrated in North America, and t … read more

Season of Giving with Joyfay®

Posted by admin on Dec 22nd 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS!Here at Joyfay® we are aware of the many demands on people’s time and energy during the holidays. Families are inundated with advertisements for the latest video game, movie, or entert … read more

Is Joyfay Legit?

Posted by admin on Nov 7th 2016

When I google our name, I find this question suggested by google and interestingly, there are lots of results, more than I expected. Apparently people are concerned about this, so I feel we should wri … read more