Boot Bag for Jumping Shoes and Ski Boots w/ Large Side Pocket

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The Joyfay Boot Bag will give you the ability to comfortably transport your jump shoes or ski boots. Its ergonomic ventilation grommets will allow your boots to dry and air out without leaving a musty smell.

Fit all of your ski, snowboard, or jump shoe gear into the Joyfay XL boot bag. With its contour shape, large boot compartment, and huge side pocket for extra storage, the weight is evenly distributed to keep you comfortable as you haul your stuff to your exercise spot. The bottom drainage grommets and waterproof tarp keep your items from getting wet and allows your boots to air out to reduce odor. Every aspect of this bag is made from high quality and durable materials. Keep all of your equipment safe and protected with the Joyfay XL Ski Bag.