Brand New CG2-11 Magnetic Tunnel Pipe Torch Cutting Machine

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This is a brand new magnetic tunnel pipe torch cutting machine that works on gas. It utilizes gas to create heat which is used for cutting.


    The CG2-11 is a magnetic tunnel pipe cutting machine which uses heat generated by gas to cut pipes with high efficiency and the same amount of precision. Cutting the pipes by hand, using hand torches, usually turns out to be quite messy, so the torch operator has to have a steady hand.

    With the CG2-11, there is no need for anyone to hold the torch. It attaches itself to the pipe, using a magnet, and then moves around the pipe, cutting at the same time. The rotating speed of the machine is adjustable, depending on the thickness of the material that the pipe was made of.


Model CG2-11
Product Name Magnetic Gas Cutting Machine for Pipes
Diameter of Pipes > Φ108 mm
Wall Thickness 5 - 50 mm
Center Deviation < 0.5 mm when cutting around the seamless steel pipe for one cycle on the precision of Φ159 - 426 mm
Surface Roughness 12.5√ - 6.5√
Cutting Speed 5 - 750 mm/min
Dimensions 655 x 340 x 255 mm
Weight 23.5 kg

Gas: Propane or Acetylene + oxygen (Optional, Please leave us a message about the gas you will use and we wil send you the machine with corresponding Nozzle.)

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