Manual lens grinder CP-20B

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The CP-20B Machine is a handheld grinder used for grinding lenses manually


    The Manual Lens Grinder CP-20B is designed and manufactured in China (place of origin: Jiangsu). The brand that creates these tools is called Huasu and they guarantee for their quality. The model CP020B has qualified for the CE and ISO approval and is manufactured under all necessary safety, control and quality guidelines. This model is different from any other because it has two grind wheels that can be used at the same time simultaneously. With its high power, the machine can bring very high operating speeds. Greater speed makes the operation faster and the processed materials finer. In our store, you can order two differently power supplied machines. The AC 220 V/ 50 Hz and the AC 110 V/ 60 Hz while both work on 250W. The body has a modern design with no sharp edges and is made of plastic. With the dimensions of the machine being 570 x 465 x 430 mm, it is neither too big nor to small and you will easy find a place in for it. We offer this machine on a 8% discount, so get it while the offer stands!


 Before using the machine, read the operation manual from the manufacturer just to be safe.

This product is qualified for CE approval and is manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines!


Cost-effective, large power, high speed rotation, quick speed of grinding the lens

General Characteristics

Power Supply: AC 220 V/ 50 Hz; AC 110 V/ 60 Hz; 250 W

Main Size: 440 x 320 x 300 mm

Dimension: 570 x 465 x 430 mm

Weight: 15.0 kg

Material of Body: Plastic

Grinding Wheels: 180# rough grinding wheel φ150x20x20; 320# special diamond grinding wheel φ150x20x25

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