CP-27B Professional Optical Vision Tester Software

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A package that includes the software used in many optician offices to determine whether someone has eye and vision damage

     Correcting vision is very important if it is in any way impaired. Bad vision, if not corrected, can lead to many problems in life (the primary being that the person can lose his/her eyesight), like headaches, problems with optical nerves, and even vascular problems in the brain. For this reason, people around the world go to opticians when they think that there is something wrong with their eyesight. It is vital that the person starts to correct the vision as soon as possible, because the longer the sight remains uncorrected, the higher the possible damage that can be done. 

    For this reason, many people go to opticians to get their sight checked. They want to see whether their eyesight is good or whether it needs to be corrected. The optician runs a series of tests for the eye and determines whether the vision is good. 

    With this software package, it is possible to run some of those tests at home. This professional software can run on any LCD screen that you might have at home (although 14’’, 17’’ and 19’’ are preferred). It comes fully operational with 9 series of visual charts: Chart E, Chart C, Alphabet Chart, Children Chart, Astigmatism Chart, Achromatopsia chart, Synthesis Chart and Ophthalmic Chart.


With these, you can check for any cause of vision damage in your home. 

This product is qualified for CE approval and is manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines!


This is a professional visual software widely used in optical shop and can just need to be installed on the common household LCD computer (14 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches are all available.)

LCD screen display in Sudoku mode, easy and convenient to use.

 9 series visual charts: Chart E, Chart C, Alphabet Chart, Child Chart, Astigmatism Chart, Achromatopsia Chart, Synthesis Chart and Ophthalmic pictures.

Selectable distance to test; 6.3 m, 5 m, 4 m, 3 m , 2.5 m, 2 m, 1.5 m, 1.2 m, 1 m

Attention: The batteries in the image are not inclued for the custom reason.

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