Button Tension Tester Test Stand with Push/ Pull Gauge ABQ

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Button Tension Tester Test Stand with Push/ Pull Gauge ABQ.

Brand New Button Tester Test Stand for Push/ Pull Gauge ABQ

Test Stand + Push Pull Gauge + Five fixtures


The fixation strength of the button is an important benchmark, especially in the design and manufacture of infant and children clothing. The test of buttons with force on it needs force gauge to record.

ABQ button tester, configurable with HF, NK push/pull gauge and special fixture,  is used to measure the button's buckling force and collapsing force when detaching from clothing.


1. The test method of this instrument is to measure the vertical tension between the button and the clothing. The button should not be pulled off from the clothing.

2. This method requires that the button sewing specification should conform to the standard of button maker.

3. This test method is used to establish the relevance of different wearing environments, and to compare the buttons of different types and brands.

4. This standard may contain hazardous materials, operation, and equipments. Not all the possible safety issues are listed in this standard. Therefore, establishing and choosing the safety and health rules is the users’ responsibility.

5. All the buttons should be chain stitched tightly on the fabric.

6. According the requirements of test, when the maximum button size is larger than or less/equals 6mm, buttons should inherit a tension of 90N or 50N respectively.


  • Big base platform, good stability, suitable for indoor table test.
  • Screw transmission, and precise displacement measurement head, lateral handwheel loading, simple and stable operation.
  • The standard configuration of base platform, can move around, convenient for accurate clamping.
  • This machine can be installed on the table (platform), and make the frame more stable.
  • Size: 260mm×360mm×700mm.
  • Trip: 180mm.
  • Rated load: 500N.

The push pull gauge of instrument, the standard configuration is Analog Push Pull Gauge NK-300(Digital Push Pull Gauge HF—300) is configurable, with different price)

(1)Analog Push Pull Gauge

  • Type: NK - 300.
  • Maximum load: 300N (30Kg).
  • Push rod trip: 10mm.
  • Working temperature: 20°C±10°C.
  • Transportation temperature: - 27 ° ~ + 70 °C.
  • Relative humidity: 15% ~ 80% RH.
  • Working environment: no hypocenter and corrosive medium around.

 The fixture on the instrument:

  • A: Type: AJJ – 013.,AJJ-014, AJJ-016,AJJ-020      
  • Applicable scope:, mainly used in buttons, toys tensile tests.
  • Maximum load,:500N.

 The fixture on the base of the instrument:

  • Type: AJJ – 014.
  • Applicable scope: mainly used in the tensile test of buttons and toys.
  • Maximum load: 500N.

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