Deluxe Black Panther Mascot Costume

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The black panther is rearing and ready to jump out of the bushes and start the fun. This soft and light Deluxe Black Panther Mascot Costume is the ultimate choice for parties. 

Included: Mascot head, body (w/ tail, if applicable), gloves, shoes; Weight: about 5 lbs for each costume.

    Deep down amongst the leafy flora of the millennium old jungle, there lies a quick and cunning predator. It is the color of the night, swift and powerful. A natural-born hunter with acrobatic agility, incredible speed compared to its size and plenty of patience. The yellow eyes lurking from the darkness are soon revealed to belong to a big peaceful cat that just wants to play around. The term “black panther” does not actually denote a separate species of large cats – it is just a rare example of black pigmentation among leopard and jaguar populations. In fact, the word “panther” comes from “panthera” which is a genus within the cat, or felidae, family and refers to large predatory cats, specifically tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards.

    So, even though it would technically be classified as a black jaguar, our Deluxe Black Panther Mascot Costume is a cool cat that doesn’t stand on ceremony or get bogged down by scientific names. Being that these animals move swiftly and graciously in the wild, we wanted you to feel as free and comfortable as possible when dressed up as a panther on kids’ birthday parties, charitable events or any other occasion that may call for a big fun cat. The costume is made to be lightweight and easy to wash. The mascot head is fairly strong due to the fact that it is all one solid piece, and it offers excellent vision. In our Deluxe Black Panther Mascot Costume, you will stay cool, won’t get weighed down, will be able to move around freely and will actually see where you are going.

  • Highlight

Light weight. Provide perfect vision and ventilation. Washable.  

  • Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Please refer to the Size Chart. If you choose customized size or children's size, please .

  • Included Accessories

Comes with separate mascot head, mascot body (with tail, if applicable), gloves and shoe covers (waterproof and skid-proof).

  • Materials

Mascot head:  Made of one piece poly foam to prevent against breakage if accidentally dropped. Much lighter than mascot head made of other materials.

Mascot body:

                   Outter fabric: Made of high quality plush

                   Filling materials: Polypropylene cotton

                   Lining materials: Polyester taffeta 

  • Cleaning Instructions

Please read at least three times before cleaning, make sure you know whether your costume is fur or foam.

Spot clean with a damp rag. For a complete cleaning, we suggest dry-clean.

Mascot head: Use upholstery spray foam cleaner or mild detergent and damp sponge. DO NOT soak or immerse in water

Mascot body:             

                   Fur Costumes: Dry-clean, hand wash or use large front loading commercial machine.

                                          Use cold water and mild detergent. Hang dry, DO NOT use heat to dry!              

                   Foam Costumes: Dry-clean only.

  • Shipping Weight

8 lbs.

  • Shipping Time for Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes will be shipped in 3-7 business days upon clear payment, and another 4-7 business days to arrive for most destinations. Total time will be 7-14 business days. Tracking number will be provided as soon as we ship. If it is a customized or your designed costume, we need 4 more days to process your order.

  • Shipping and Handling Rate

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