Digital LCD Automatic Potential Titrator pH/mV Meter Tester ZD-2

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This brand new, compact Titrator is perfect for many branches of pharmacy and different biology research fields.

  Digital LCD Automatic Potential Titrator pH/mV Meter Tester ZD-2


Commonly, titrators use the analysis method where the sample is mixed with a reagent solution, whose concentration is known �and from the volume of the reacted reagent the result is calculated.

Using the ongoing reaction between the substance to be measured in the sample, in combination with the substance of known concentration, and by measuring the amount of consumption of the reagent when it is dispensed in, it can be calculated how much of the substance to be measured is contained in the sample.

In hand analysis, the indicator solution is used to detect the endpoint by color change. With a titrator, the potentiometric (pH) change from electrical polarization is used to find the endpoint.

This titrator is perfectly suited for most industrial laboratories related to pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, as well as drinking water research facilities. The compact size is also another plus, as it will fit any table, without taking up too much space.


1. It can control titration endpoint according to preset potential

2. It can pre-control potential adjustment

3. It adopts solenoid valve for controlling dropping liquid

4. It has manual, automatic and constant pH (potential) titration modes

5. It is equipped with delay circuit of titration endpoint

6. It is suitable for potential titration for laboratory volumetric analysis

7. It is equipped with JB-1A stirrer

Technical Specification

Mode   ZD-2
Measuring Range  mV: ± 1400 ; pH: 0.00 - 14.00
Resoltion  mV: 1.00 ; pH: 0.01
Accuracy  mV: ± 5 ; pH: ± 0.03  ± 1 bit
Control Titration Sensitive  mV: ± 5 ; pH: ± 0.1
Stability  ± 0.01 pH /3 h
Display  LCD
Power  220 V/ 50 Hz ; 110 V/ 60 Hz
Net Weight  3 kg
Package Size  300 × 235 × 100 mm

The voltage could be 110 V/ 60 Hz or 220 V/ 50 Hz (optional). By default, we will ship the product with voltage and frequency standard in the recipient's country. If you need something different, please send us a message.