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Digital LCD pH pX Conductivity DO Meter Tester DZS-706 CE

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Product Location:China
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Digital LCD pH pX Conductivity DO Meter Tester DZS-706 CE is available to buy in increments of 1
pH/pX: (-2.00~20.00)pH/pX, Conductivity: 0.000uS/cm~199.9mS/cm, Dissolved oxygen: (0.00~19.99)mg/L, Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)%.

CE Certified


1. It can measure pX/pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, saturation and temperature.

2. It adopts LCD display and Chinese operation interface.

3. It has manual/automatic temperature compensation.

4. It provides zero oxygen and full scale calibration.

5. When the meter measures conductivity, it can switch frequency automatically to guarantee measuring accuracy.

6. It has power failure protection functions.

Technical Specification

Measuring range

pH/pX: -2.00~20.00

ORP: ±1999.9mV

Conductivity: 0.000μS/cm~199.9mS/cm

Resistivity :0.00Ω·cm~20.00MΩ·cm

TDS: 0.000 mg/L~100g/L

Salinity 0.00~8.00%

Dissolved oxygen:  (0.00~19.99)mg/L

Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)%

Response time: ≤45s (90% respond at 20℃)

Ion Concentration : (0~19990), unit: ug/L、mg/L、g/L、mol/L、mmol/L

Temp.:  (-5.0~105.0)°C


pH/pX: 0.01

ORP: 0.1mV

Conductivity:  0.001μS/cm

Resistivity :0.01Ω·cm

TDS: 0.001mg/L

Salinity 0.01%

Dissolved oxygen:  0.01mg/L

DO Saturation: 0.10%

Temp.: 0.1°C


pH/pX: ±0.01 pH±1 bit

ORP: ±0.1%FS

Conductivity: ±1.0%FS

Resistivity : ±1.0%FS

TDS: ±1.0%FS

Salinity: ±0.2%

Dissolved oxygen:  ±0.30 mg/L

Dissolved oxygen saturation:  ±10.0%FS

Temp:  ±0.3°C±1 bit

Input impedance >=3×1012Ω
Temperature compensation

Auto, pH:(0.0~100.0)℃;  

Conductivity: (0.0~100.0)℃;  

DO: (0.0~40.0)℃

Zero Offset & Full Scale 



Dissolved oxygen response time

 ≤45s(90% respond at 20°C )

Data Storage 2200 sets of data
Soft  1.1 DC
Communication Interface USB
View, Delete & Print Yes
Display Touch 5" LCD screen
Power supply

AC 220 V or 110 V;50 Hz or 60 Hz

Dimension 280*215*92 mm
Net Weight 1 kg
Package Size 370*310*340 mm
Gross Weight 3 kg

Packing list

Name Quality
Main Machine 1
DJS-1C Platinum Black Conductivity Electrode  1
E-201-C pH Combination Electrode 1
DO-958-S DO Probe 1
T-818-B-6 ATC Electrode 1
Standard Buffer 1
Power Cable 1
English Manual 1
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