Digital LCD pH pX mV Ion Meter Tester PXSJ-216F CE

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pH: -2.000pH~20.000pH, pX: 0.000pX~14.000pX, mV: -1999.9mV~1999.9mV, Ion concentration: (0~1999.0).

CE Certified


1.It can measure pH/pX, ion concentration, potential and temperature.

2.It adopts dot-matrix LCD and light touch keys. Power-failure protection function.

3.It can recognize several pH buffers which meet with GB, NIST and DIN standard. Up to 5 points can be calibrated. It has automatic temperature compensation function.

4.It supports the switch between various concentration units.

5.It supports several ion modes such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Cl-, F-, NO3-, BF4-, CN-, Cu2+, Pb2+, and Ca2+ . The user can also set up specific ion mode.

6.It provides several ion concentration measurements including direct reading of concentration, standard addition mode, sample addition mode and GRAN mode.

7.It supports three measuring modes including continuous mode, timed reading mode and auto-lock reading mode which meet with different requirement.

8.It can delete, view and print data. Up to 200 sets of pH data, 100 sets of six ion data and 100 sets of concentration data can be saved.

9.It has USB interface. If matched with specific communication software, the meter can be connected with computer.

Technical Specification

Measuring range

pX: -2.000~20.000

mV: ±1999.99

Ion concentration: (0~1999.0), unit ug/L, mg/L, g/L, mol/L, mmol/L

Temp: -5.0~110.0â„?/span>


pX: 0.001 pH/pX

mV: 0.1

Temp: 0.1â„?/span>


pX: ±0.002pH/pX

mV: ±0.03%FS

Ion concentration: ±0.5%

Temp: ±0.2â„?/span>

Input impedance >=3×1012Ω
Temperature compensation

Manual/Auto (0.0~60.0)â„?/span>


Five-point calibration

GLP standard Yes
Data Storage 1400 sets of data
Buffer recoginition Automatic: GB, NIST, DIN
Communication Interface USB
View, Delete & Print Yes
Display Touch 5" LCD screen
Power supply

AC 220 V or 110 V;50 Hz or 60 Hz

Dimension 280*215*92 mm
Net Weight 1 kg
Package Size 370*310*340 mm
Gross Weight 3 kg

Packing list

Name Quality
Main Machine 1
PF-1-01 flouride ISE 1
232-01 reference electrode 1
T-818-B-6 ATC probe 1
JB-1A stirrer 1
Power Cable 1
English Manual 1