Digital LED pH pX mV Ion Meter Tester PXSJ-226 CE

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1.Large LCD touch screen and English operation interface.
2. Support multiple common ion mode, such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+. Cl-, F-, etc.... The user can define specific ion mode and test other ions.
3.It can measure pH value, and several kinds of buffer solutions can be selected to have one-point or two-point (up to5-point)calibration. The user can establish standard buffer groups and the meter can recognize 10 kinds of buffer solutions.
4.The test results can be stored, deleted, viewed, printed or transmitted to PC. It can store up to 350 sets of measuring results. For other ions, the user can store up to 100 sets of pX measuring results and 100 sets of concentration measuring results.
5.It is equipped with RS-232 and USB port. If matched with specific data collecting software, it can be connected with PC.

Measuring range: pH: 0.000~14.000; mV: ± 1999.99; Ion: (0~19990), Unit: ug/L, mg/L, g/L, mol/L, mmol/L; Temperature: -5.0~105.0°C

Resolution:: pH: 0.001; mV:0.01; Temperature: 0.1°C

Accuracy:pH1: ±0.002 ±1 bit; pH2: ±0.005 ±1 bit; mV: ±0.03% FS; Ion: ±0.5%±1 bit; Temperature: ±0.2°C±1 bit

Input impedance: ≥3×1012Ω

Ion mode: Support multiple common ion mode, such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+. Cl-, F-, etc...; Custom ion mode

Temperature compensation: manual; automatic (0.0~60.0)°C

Calibration: Five-point calibration
GLP standard: Yes
Buffer Recognition Automatic: Auto-recognition, Up to 10 Buffers
Data Storage: 350 sets of data
View, Delete & Print: Yes
Display Touch: 5" LCD screen
Power supply: AC 110 V, 60 Hz
Dimension: 250*195*100 mm
Net Weight: 2 kg
Package Size: 370*310*340 mm
Gross Weight: 4 kg

Packing list
PXSJ-226 Ion Analyzer 1
Temperature Sensor 1
Stirrer 1
Fluorion ISE 1
232 Calomel Electrode (01) 1
Multi-function Electrode Support Stand 1
AF30 Stylus 1
TP-16 Serial Printer Connecting Line 1
RS-232 Conmmunication Connecting Line 1
USB Conmmunication Connecting Line 1
Stirrer Rod (small): 3
pH Buffer Solution (pH 4,7,10): 5 bags for each
Fuse Φ5 x 20 0.5A: 2
Data Collecting Software 1
Universal Power Line 1
Operating Instructions 1

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