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Digital Torque Wrench Tester 50 N.m.

Digital Torque Wrench Tester is a sophisticated piece of equipment designated for manufacturing industry. It is
there to ensure the reliability of all type of wrenches, screwdrivers and other tightening tools. The digital wrench
tester is not terribly heavy and is easy to transport to wherever you need it. It is very accurate and has a precision
margin of ±1%. The machine can be connected to a PC in order to better process and document your results digitally.
You can check out the full list of specifications below or you can contact us if you find anything unclear or confusing.
Order your digital wrench tester today and ensure the safety of the equipment you are using!


1. Easy to carry
2. High accuracy
3. Can connect to PC
4. One year Warranty
5. Complete functions


Digital Torque Wrench Tester is an intelligent multi-functional measuring instrument which is designed for testing torque wrench. It main used in testing and calibrating various kinds of Concentration type torque wrench, digital type torque wrench, preset type torque wrench, torsion screwdriver, screwdriver and all kinds of products involving tighten force instrument. Widely used in electrical manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, automotive light industry, scientific research and testing industry.


Type ANJ- 50 ANJ- 100 ANJ- 200 ANJ- 300 ANJ- 500 ANJ- 1000 ANJ- 2000
Measuring range / Division value N·m 50.000/0.001 100.00/0.01 200.00/0.01 300.00/0.01 500.00/0.01 1000.0/0.1 2000.0/0.1
Kg·cm 510.52/0.01 1021.0/0.1 2042.0/0.1 3063.1/0.1 5105.2/0.1 10210/1 20420/1
Ib· in 443.11/0.01 886.2/0.1 1772.4/0.1 2658.6/0.1 4431.1/0.1 88622/1 17724/1
Product Size 700 mm x 320 mm x 240 mm 1120mm×450mm×230mm
The testing length range 150 mm~620 mm 150 mm~820 mm
Width stroke 130 mm 200 mm
Height stroke 80 mm
Precision ±1%
Peak Value Sampling Frequency 2000HZ
Power 8.4V  1.2VX7 ?
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