UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Double Beam Auto WL Setting 190-1100 nm 4 nm

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Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer L9 190-1100 nm


The Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is equipped with surge protection, high-capacity memory for storing test results, images, regression equations and correction data, and a quick power-up phase.

For your convenience, the Spectrophotometer is capable of connecting with a dedicated printer to create prints of test results. It can also make prints of draw curves from spectral scanning, fixed wavelength time-based scanning, and linear regression.

Additionally, there is a USB port on the Spectrophotometer, should you decide to connect to a PC or laptop. With the optional UVwin8 software (available to order), you can get an enhanced view of your data.


Double beam optical system  

Automatic wavelength settings

Color touch-screen LCD 8 inch

Two position cuvette holder   

Automatic zero and full scale adjustment  

Equipped with USB port

Thermal plotter optional Software optional






Test Mode

Double beam

Focus Length

200 mm



Spectrum Bandwidth

0.5 nm, 1 nm, 2 nm, 4 nm, 5 nm

Operation and Display

8 in. Touch Screen

Wavelength Range

190 - 1100 nm

Wavelength MPE

± 0.3 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

≤ 0.1 nm

Stray Light

≤ 0.02% T (220 nm, Nal; 360 nm, NaNO2)

Transmittance Accuracy

± 0.3% T
± 0.002 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 A)
± 0.004 Abs (0.5 ~ 1 A)

Transmittance Repeatability

≤ 0.15% T
0.001 Abs (0 ~ 0.5 A)
0.002 Abs (0.5 ~ 1 A)

Transmittance Measuring Range

0.0% - 200.0% (T)

Absorbance Measuring Range

- 0.301 - 4.000 (A)

Baseline flatness

≤ 0.0008 A


± 0.0004 A/h
(500 nm, 2 h warm up)

Signal Noise

100%T Noise ≤ 0.20%T; 0%T Noise ≤ 0.10%T

Baseline Flatness

± 0.001 A

Packaging List

User manual 1 pc

1cm quartz cuvette 2 pcs

Power cable 1 pc

UV WIN8 software

English Manual Download

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