Drill Bits Sharpener Grinder Grinding Machine 2-13 mm 100-135 Angle

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MR-13A Drill Bits Grinding Machine is used for grinding any kinds of parts, tools and metal objects. The Drill bits grinding machine is the right thing for you, especially if you need a tool that possesses sharp accuracy.

    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about MR-13A is how easily it can be used. It is so easy to use that even kids can operate it (but we do not recommend that). It has a very long service period and a diamond grinding wheel which processes the material. It is a twist drill grinder, universal big drill grinder, portable idiot grinder, universal small drill grinder, universal precision drill sharpener that combines high accuracy and fast operation. The cost of running is economical, and the price is not high for this kind of quality power tool, which makes it a good investment in the long run. If used properly, the MR-13A Drill Bits Grinding Machine can last a long time, which makes this machine a perfect tool for your workshop. Do not use this machine in a wet, unsafe or poorly lit location; basically, try to maintain your work area clean. When installing the machine into your workplace, evade bodily contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, radiators, refrigerator enclosures or ranges. The drill is very simple to use, but just in case, you should read the operation manual before starting to it; you never know what you might have missed. Do not attach any parts or accessories to the machine that are not originally made for MR-13A.


1. Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with no skill to grind.

2. Economical price that greatly reduces the cost and improves the use effect.

3. With diamond grinding wheel, it can be equipment directly with an accurate angle and long service life.

4. The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor: stable frequency, strong horsepower and long service life.

5. Bearing shaft and locking unit.

6. The machine is set up with the function of adjusting a point (central point) size, which can effectively coordinate with the material of drill hole and the rotation speed. It can control the quality precision and prolong the service life of the drill bit.


Model MR-13A
Grinding Range Ø 2 - Ø 13( Ø 15)
Point Angle 100° (90°) ~ 135°
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz; AC 110 V, 60 Hz
Motor 180 W
Speed 5300 rpm
Dimension 32 x 18 x 19 cm
Weight 10 kg
Standard Equipment Grinding Wheel :CBN (for HSS) × 1
Eleven Collets: Ø 3, Ø 4, Ø 5, Ø 6, Ø 7, Ø 8, Ø 9, Ø 10, Ø 11, Ø 12, Ø 13
Collet Chuck: (Ø 2 - Ø 14) × 1
Option Equipment Grinding Wheel: SDC (for Carbide)
Collets: Ø 2.5, Ø 3.5, Ø 4.5, Ø 5.5, Ø 14, Ø 15
Collet Chuck: Ø 15

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