Dual-Purpose Electric/Manual Coil Winding Machine Hand Coil winder

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Coil Winder NZ-1


Brand U.S. Solid
Maximum Diameter It Can Coil Around 150 mm (5.91")
Maximum Width It Can Coil Around 100 mm (3.94")
Count Range 0-9999 Round
Transmission Ratio 1:8 (fast); 1:1 (slow)


This machine can work with a motor, but please note that speed should be less than 1000 rpm/min.

Operating Steps

1. This machine should be mounted on a sturdy worked bench. There are three holes on the machine for fastening it to the work bench.

2. This machine can be driven either by hand or by electric power. When driven by electric power, the handle has to be taken apart, and the spindle of the machine should run at a rotating speed lower than 2000rpm.

3. Regularly put some lube oil into the oil filter holes of the spindle.

4. Please turn the reset handle of the counter and let it reverse to "00000", before the machine going to work. It is required to turn the reset handle twice so as to have the whole counting gear come into the reset condition(otherwise, it will be possible for the gear to slip and thus lead to inexactness in counting). Please do not turn the reset handle when the machine is running.