Dual-Purpose Electric/Manual Coil Winding Machine Hand Coil winder

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This U.S. Solid Handheld Winding Machine is dual-purpose, durable, and portable for quick and easy coil winding.

    A coil winder is a device which is used to create tight, evenly wound coils. Handheld winding machines are perfect for home electronics projects to commercial packaging of products typically sold in coils. In a retail setting, winding machines would assist a salesperson in efficiently and accurately evaluating how much product was sold; aiding with more precise assessment of inventory.

  The U.S. Solid Handheld Winding Machine is dual purpose between electric and manually winding of coil. When manual winding, the operator controls the coil winder with a hand crank on the right side of the machine. Electric winding allows this machine to automatically wind coil in even layers with concise tension.

   This winder has a counter which is easy to read when determining the amount of rings on the coil. It will count up to 9999 rings. Let U.S. Solid contribute to your success with this Handheld Winding Machine. 


Brand U.S. Solid
Maximum Diameter It Can Coil Around 150 mm
Maximum Width It Can Coil Around 100 mm
Count Range 0-9999 Round
Transmission Ratio 1:8 (fast); 1:1 (slow)
Package Weight 7.3 lbs
Package Dimensions 13.5" x 7.75" x 9"



This machine can work with a motor, but please note that speed should be less than 1000 rpm/min.

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