Electric Centrifuge with a Timer @ 4000 rpm 12*20ml

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A small, low-speed centrifuge used for research and education in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, etc. Works at speeds up to 4000 rpm.

     Around the globe, the low-speed centrifuges are used in many fields of science and education. They can be used in chemistry research, biology research, medical research and diagnostics, as well as in medical, chemistry and biology lectures. The instructors can safely use this to show the students how to operate a centrifuge. Every laboratory should have one, as it is quite useful.

   This particular centrifuge works with speeds up to 4000 revolutions per minute. Such low-speed centrifuges are used in a wide variety of laboratory functions. They are mostly used for separating cells and other particles from liquids and appraising radioactive immunity, although there are many more uses for this centrifuge.

    The centrifuge has a timer installed, which can count from zero to sixty minutes (mechanical time), or it can be turned off so that the centrifuge is always on. This is particularly useful for lab technicians who usually have to multi-task, and the timer saves them from having to stand near the centrifuge at all times.

Technical Data

  • Power Supply: AC110V/220V±10%,50HZ/60Hz±2%
  • Speed: ≥3000r/min,≤4000r/min±10%
  • Maximum Speed: 4000r/min±10%
  • Time Range: 0-60min or always on (Mechanical Time) 
  • Capacity: 20ml×12 
  • Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force:1795*g

We will send 12pcs Plastic centrifuge tubes together with each centrifuge for free. The diameter of the tube is about 20mm,and the length is 105mm.

English Manual Download

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Model 800-1 800 80-1 80-2 LD-3 LD-5
Max. Speed (r/min) 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000
Speed Control Step Control Step Control Stepless Control Stepless Control Stepless Control Stepless Control
Capacity 6 x 20ml 6 x 20ml 6 x 20ml 12 x 20ml 6 x 50ml 8 x 50 ml
Max. Centrifuge Force 1435xg 1435xg 1795xg 1795xg 1975xg 2395xg
Time Range 0 - 60 min   0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min
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