110V Electric Lab Centrifuge with a Timer – 20 mL x 6 4000 rpm 1790 g

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A small, low-speed centrifuge used for research and education in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, etc. Comes equipped with a timer.

    Low-speed centrifuges find a wide range of applications in many fields of science, mostly in the field of medical research and diagnostics. They are, also, widely used in the fields of chemistry and biology by researchers and instructors alike.

   This particular centrifuge comes equipped with a timer which allows it to stop operating after a certain amount of time has passed (the timer goes up to 60 minutes). This allows the researcher or the diagnostician to do other things, instead of having to constantly watch the centrifuge.

Working with a maximum torque of 4000 rpm, this centrifuge allows for more delicate separation processes, like spinning red blood cells or bulky precipitates.

Attention: After working for a period of time, the temperature of sample may rise by 5-15℃. And you’d better not keep the machine running more than 30 minutes at a time.

Technical Data

Power Supply: AC110 V, 60 Hz


Maximum Speed: 4000r/min±10%

Capacity: 20 mL×6 

Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force: 1790×g

Time Range: 0-60min or always on (Mechanical Time)

We will send 6pcs Plastic centrifuge tubes together with each centrifuge for free. The diameter of the tube is about 20mm, and the length is 105mm. 

English Manual Download


Model 800-1 800 80-1 80-2 LD-3 LD-5
Max. Speed (r/min) 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000
Speed Control Step Control Step Control Stepless Control Stepless Control Stepless Control Stepless Control
Capacity 6 x 20ml 6 x 20ml 6 x 20ml 12 x 20ml 6 x 50ml 8 x 50 ml
Max. Centrifuge Force 1790xg 1435xg 1795xg 1795xg 1975xg 2395xg
Time Range 0 - 60 min   0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min 0 - 60 min
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