Electric / Manual Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine

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A manual or automatic coil winder, NZ-2 with a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications. Comes equipped with a counter and a pointer, and a mechanically controlled automatic line.

Create coils for low frequency transformers, automobile ignitions, wire-wound resistors, electric meters. Works with wires with diameters between 0.12 mm and 0.91 mm with a maximum coil width of 110 mm. The diameter of the coils range from 12 mm to 150 mm. Two speeds, 1:6 and 1:1.5, for greater precision. Analogue counter with range from 1 to 2499 tracks wire usage for more precise sales and inventory. Also capable of being hooked up to an electrical device.

The three parts of the machine should be arranged approx 300 mm apart from one another to facilitate the coiling of thick wire. When using thick wire, the thick wire strainer serves as an extra pulley.



Diameter of the coils: 12mm – 150mm

Maximum coil length: 110mm

Applicable wire diameter: 0.12mm – 0.91mm

Count range: between 1 and 2499 rings

Transmission ratio: 1:6 (fast), 1:1,5 (slow)




-Invert crank by unscrewing and turning so the handle faces out.

-Attach wire dispenser to metal pole with coil facing to your left using knob to tighten. Then insert the metal rod into the hole on the arm stabilizer and secure it with the screw on the outside.

-Insert spool of wire in the wire dispenser by unscrewing the knob on the dispenser and then adjusting the holder to the size of the spool.

-Insert core on the main machine by unscrewing the knob on the right side and adjusting the holders to the correct length.

-Place arrow on counter to 0 to receive and accurate count.

-Adjust the two knobs on the to and fro slider to fit the dimensions of the core this will spread the wire out evenly back and forth across the spool.

-Start by threading the wire through the pulley attached to the wire dispenser on the long metal arm. You can adjust the height of the initial pulley by adjusting the knob on top of the arm stabilizer and on the back of the wire dispenser. 

-Next thread the wire under the first pulley on the to and fro slider and then over the opposite side of the second pulley and on to the core. You can adjust the amount of give in the to and froo slider by turning the knob on top to the left or right.

-Turn the crank to start creating the coil.