Big 32" Stuffed Cute Panda Bear Toy

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This Big 32'' Stuffed Cute Panda Bear Toy is constantly hungry, and because of that, he has brought his own bamboo snack. Surprise your family members or your significant other with this great stuffed toy.

Size: 80 cm / 32 inch; Weight: 1.71 kg / 3.8 lbs.

    Pandas are such amazing creatures – their black and white fur is not something that can be seen too often in nature since most animals try to blend in, but not pandas, they are friendly and cuddly, and barely do much else except play around and eat bamboo. They are practically nature’s version of a teddy bear, and a big one at that. We tried to create the ultimate panda bear stuffed toy that would be cute and soft, yet still keep some of the spirit of their real live panda brothers. Since pandas get very little nutrition from the bamboo which is the main element of their diet, they can be seen constantly chewing on it in the wild. This is why our big huggable panda buddy comes with a length of bamboo with some delicious leaves on it.


    The heart-warming stuffed panda you see here is 32 inches tall and weighs in at just about 3.8 pounds, so it’s safe to say that he doesn’t need to go on a diet any time soon, and he can chomp on the tasty green bamboo as much as he likes. Since pandas are the symbol of animal rights and the main issue when it comes to saving endangered species is preserving their habitat, you’ll be happy to hear that our panda is stuffed with 100% eco-friendly recyclable materials, while its fur is made out of incredibly soft velour. This big bear is made to last a long time, so it can keep loving its best friend in the world.

  • Highlight

Super Soft, Cute and Large; Made of 100% Green Materials; A great gift for any occasion.

  • Material

Facial Material: Super-soft Velour

Stuffing Material : PolyPropylene cotton (100% green, Polypropylene is the material of your yoghourt container)

  • Size

80 cm / 32 inch

  • Weight

1.71 kg / 3.8 lbs

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