55'' Blue Dolphin Stuffed Plush Animal

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Almost everyone loves dolphins, why should your child be any different, use this opportunity to introduce it to this amazing 55'' Blue Dolphin Stuffed Plush Animal.

Size: 140 cm / 55 inch; Weight: 2.19 kg / 4 lbs.

    Did you know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures in the whole animal kingdom? On the other hand, dolphins made by JoyFay are one of the most adorable and huggable toys in the entire stuffed animal kingdom. And just like the real dolphins, our 55'' Blue Dolphin Stuffed Plush Animal are fun to play with, and just like the real dolphins they like to dive, only difference is that dolphins from JoyFay prefer to dive and swim along with you in the dream land. That’s right; they are so soft that once you get use to them, falling asleep without them becomes much harder. Rests assure that once a child befriends this stuff plush toy, they will become inseparable buddies, making an object like this into a perfect birthday present for any toddler. Of course, a beauty like this is not only kids limited, it can be a gift for anyone you love, and it is made out of super soft velour. Make sure your little angels are always in a good mood and watch them as they enjoy playing with this adorable blue dolphin toy. The dolphin is 55” long, meaning your little one can easily ride on its back when travelling through the imagination land.

  • Highlight

Super Soft, Cute and Large; Made of 100% Green Materials; A great gift for any occasion.

  • Material

Facial Material: Super-soft Velour

Stuffing Material : PolyPropylene cotton (100% green, Polypropylene is the material of your yoghourt container)

  • Size

140 cm / 55 inch

  • Weight

2.19 kg / 4 lbs

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