High Shear Mixer Emulsifying Machine AE500S-P 500 W

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AE series lab shear emulsifying machine is compact with micro express series motor, which you can apply to the mixing of the low, medium or high viscosity liquid in the lab or Pilot workshop, the shearing emulsification of the smashed particles in the liquid.


(1) Adopts the motor with superior quality plastic body, high quality stainless steel refining shear emulsifying head and controller
(2) The Speed Controller, with all cruising speed control technology and IC speed detection technology, can compensate the speed change that caused by the load change and power supply voltage fluctuations imcontent/mediately and effective
(3) Features with soft start, automatic overload protection, the reactive power compensation of whole constant etc.
(4) The “H” type of this series can display the speed intuitively with its digital display, to facilitate the acquisition of experimental data


Technical Specification

Model AE500S-P (70G) AE500S-P (90G)
Rated voltage 110±10% VAC, 60Hz 110±10% VAC, 60Hz
Handling capacity 40L 60L
Input power 850W 850W
Output power 500W 500W
Rated torque 43.3 N·cm  43.3 N·cm 
Work mode S1 (continuous) S1 (continuous)
Speed control Yes Yes
Speed range 2000~14000 rpm 2000~13000 rpm
Dynamic detection speed Yes Yes
Speed memory function Yes Yes
Overload protection function Yes Yes
Work head maximum torque 43.3 N.cm 43.3 N.cm
Rotor maximum linear velocity 18 m/s 22 m/s
Work head Material stainless steel 304# stainless steel 304#
Work head Diameter 70 mm 90 mm
Work head Immersed in liquid height 50~236 mm 50~236 mm
Standard configuration 5 mm2, 20 mm2, 25 mm2 5 mm2, 20 mm2, 25 mm2
Mixing processing viscosity 8000 mPa.s 8000 mPa.s
Mixing capacity (H2O) 800~60000 ml 800~60000 ml
Size of the mixer (T x B x H) 215×310×720 mm 250 x 350 x 720 mm
Product Weight 9.2 kg 10.8 kg
Permissible ambient temperature Lower than 40°C Lower than 40°C
Permissible relative humidity Less than  80% Less than  80%


Packing List

Order Item Number Order Item Number
1 Emulsifying host 1 5 Supporting and fixing frame 1
2 Base 1 6 Operating head 1
3 Supporting stand 2 7 Brusher(Spare) 1
4 Beam 1 8 Operation manual 1

Attention: Running on empty is forbidden. And you should put the working head in the liquid, then run the machine and rotate the speed adjusting knob toward right slowly.

One Year Warranty