HY-800D Bacti-Cinerator Large Sterilizer

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This is a Large Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer which sterilizes using infra-red heat. Used for medical and laboratory equipment, especially with inoculating loops and needles.

   The equipment in medical facilities and laboratories has to be completely sterile when used; else the microorganisms that survive can create a lot of problems. The sterilization has to be complete, utterly removing all the microorganisms.

   This is the Large Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer that is used to sterilize medical and laboratory equipment. It is designed to sterilize vaccination needles, and it does so without using flame or gas. Instead, it uses infrared heat to sterilize the equipment, heating the equipment up until no microorganisms are left. Also, this is a sure-fire way to get rid of them all, because this machine prevents any splattering from occurring.

   Also, because of high heat, the equipment is quickly sterilized, so it can be used again in a relatively short time. 


1, Based on the infrared ray, the product is widely used in sterilization of oese and vaccination needle, and completely replaces the alcohol lamp.

2, The temperature of heating hole can reach 800°C, takes only 5-7 seconds for sterilization, thorough sterilization. Products can be used in anaerobic chamber.

3, Small volume, lightweight, exquisite appearance and easy to clean. The angle of the heating body is adjustable, easy operation.

4, Incinerating the organic substances deeply inside the ceramic funnel pipe to prevent infectious spatter and cross contamination.

5, precise temperature control technology, avoid the heating components to be overload, long life.


Technical Specifications

Product specifications HY800 small diameter sterilizer HY800D large diameter sterilizer
The center high-temperature 825°C± 50°C
Standby constant temperature 480°C
The Max-diameter of sterilizer goods φ14mm φ35mm
The length of sterilizer 140mm 100mm
Power AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 200W
Net weight 1.3Kg 1.5Kg
Normal working conditions
Working condition temperature 10°C~50°C
Relative humidity �0%
Working condition maximum elevation Unlimited
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