Hydraulic Model Test Stand for Push/pull Force Gauge ALR Series

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Test Stand Hydraulic Model Test Stand For Push/pull Force Gauge ALR.

Brand new Hydraulic Model Test Stand Manual  ALR

Test stand only, the force gauge not included.


ALR Hydraulic model test stand is designed for HF series push pull force gauge operation, manual operation. Using large hydraulic jacks to realize big load force test, Simple and stable operation, it can be combined with different fixtures in various combinations of different purposes compressive load test.


Model ALR-0.5T ALR-5T
Compress chamber 200mm 220mm
Stretching chamber 150 mm 150 mm
Effective stroke 90mm 125mm
Dimensions 190 × 190 × 840mm 248 × 248 × 1050mm
Net weight 30kg 42kg


  • Order force gauge in pictures as a separate item.
  • When installation, please install sensor, the machine, jack in intercontent/mediate position. When using, the direction of push pull loaded force should in the middle of the machine.


  • In testing, people should wear masks and gloves to protect, in case pieces were flung off in the testing process.
  • Don't use the damaged or transmutative fixtures. In the using of the damaged or  transmutative fractures may fall off or fracture, it may make the test objects fall. So be careful, don't hurt the body.
  • Don't use beyond sensor rated load of force gauge , otherwise the sensor can be damaged, big load may collapse the sensor to cause accident.