Joyfay® 10" (0.83 ft) Cute Groundhog Marmot Woodchuck Plush Stuffed Toy

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This cute squirrel isn’t ready to hunker up for the winter. He wants to play! Get this well-dressed, adorable 10 inch animal today.

This groundhog toy will make anyone go nuts for it on Christmas. With a baby blue winter hat and scarf, it’s a tree hugger dressed for the elements. The Joyfay® stuffed groundhog has a plucky look on its face, accentuated by its large tree chewing teeth. Luckily, our furry friend is divinely soft, with a plush velour coat.

The inside is filled with a strong polyester cotton. Rugged enough for backyard play, but pillowy enough for a midwinter nap. All of the fabric and material used are not repurposed, so your child doesn’t have to worry about lead or other chemicals. Just to be sure, this critter, along with all Joyfay® stuffed toys, has been given a certificate by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety assuring its safety for people of all ages.

We have multiple warehouses in the United States, so you won’t go nuts waiting for your bushy-tailed squirrel. Also, this cuddly 10” stuffed animal comes with the Love me for Sure Guarantee. Any issues at all can be solved by simply calling our friendly and dedicated workers.

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