Joyfay® 39" White Teddy Bear Stuffed Plush Toy

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Wanted: A Home of my Own
All teddy is asking for is a family this holiday season. Give him this gift and he’ll repay with endless bear hugs and cuddles. You’ll get a sidekick for your next adventure and a devoted best friend. He will make sure the monsters under the bed stay away. He may even share his honey! Bring teddy into your family today.

Passed safety inspections: All our stuffed toys receive the Pennsylvania stuffed toy registration certificate after undergoing chemical and mechanical testing. We make sure they are SAFE for your kids, so you can rest easy.

100% Green and Easy to Clean: The stuffing is made from polypropylene cotton, which is the same as your yogurt container.The durable soft velour exterior is perfect for quick and easy clean up with just soap and water. Tough stains? Check out our blog to get more cleaning tips.

Details: 39’’, 3.25 ft, 100cm; 3 lbs, 1.4 kg; Polyester stuffing and velour exterior

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