Automatic Rebar Tier Tying Machine 8-34mm 2 Batteries 2 Rolls of Wire

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A portable, hand-held tool for tying rebars and holding them together. Comes complete with batteries and one roll of tying wire.


For quite some time, rebar tying has been done using automatic, hand-held tools, instead of tying the rebars with hands. The simplicity of using rebar tying machines is really great. Once you get a hold of a rebar tier, you will find that it is very easy to learn how to operate. It has a simple, trigger operation, and allows easy setup and wire insertion.

Setting the machine is also easy, as it uses intelligent settings. It automatically ties the rebars, taking only 0.8 seconds per a rebar.

Maintaining this tool is also easy, should you encounter any problems, as all parts are modular and easily replaceable.


Easy operation: simple operation; easy to learn;

Efficient tying: intelligent settings; automatic tying; 0.8s/tying;

Convenient maintenance: modularized spare parts; easy and simple maintenance and repair;

Reasonable design: light and handy; ergonomic design; comfortable operation;

Intellectual property rights: a number of domestic and abroad patents; all-round protection.


Product Model  JS-37T
Machine Dimension 270 mm × 65 mm × 195 mm
Weight 1.0 kg
Tying Range 8-34 mm
Iron Wire Diameter 0.8 mm
Wire Length 110 m
Tying Length/knot 42 cm
Knot/battery 1000 knots
Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
Voltage 10.8 V
Tying Time 0.8 s
Charging Time 1.5 h

English Manual


1 x Main Unit

2 x Battery

1 x Charger

1 x  Tying Wire

If you want more than one battery or tying wire, the additional prices are USD 50/piece(Battery) and USD 3.00/piece(Tying Wire).

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