Lab Mixer Mixing machine AM200S-P 30L High Speed 100-1800rpm

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The AM series electric lab mixer feature a durable hard plastic and stainless steel construction, and has a mixing capacity ranging from 50 ml to 30000 ml (H2O) for the AM200S-H/P model, or from 50 ml to 40000 ml for the AM300S-H/P model. The device utilises a state of the art micro-motor drive, which is compact, yet highly capable of mixing liquids of low, medium and high viscosity alike. It can run at variable speeds, ranging from 100 rpm to 1800 rpm, and features a digital display and speed controler that help ensure that the mixer is running smoothly and at the desired speed.



(1) The mixer consists of a number of precision-made components, including the motor, speed monitor and speed controller. High quality engineering plastics are used for the body, ensuring an optimal level of stability while running the device.
(2) The output uses variable speed force to multiply the output torque.
(3) The Speed Controller, which utilises cruising speed control technology and IC speed detection technology, can compensate for the speed change that is caused by the load change and power supply voltage fluctuations, imcontent/mediately and effectively.
(4) The mixer includes important features like soft start, automatic overload protection, whole constant reactive power compensation etc.
(5) The “H” type of this series can display the speed intuitively with its digital display, to facilitate the acquisition of experimental data.


Technical Specification

Model  AM200S-P
Rated Voltage 220 ± 10% VAC, with a  110V transformer
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Input Power 340 W
Output Power 200 W
Rated Torque 106.2 N·cm 
Work Mode S1 (continuous)
Speed Control Yes
Speed Range 100~1800 rpm
Stir Bar Clamp Range Φ 2~13 mm
Stir Bar Standard Configuration fan impellers
Mixing Processing Viscosity 100000 mPa.s
Mixing Capacity (H2O) 50~30000 ml
Size of the Mixer (T x B x H) 215 x 310 x 720 mm
Product Weight 9 kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature Lower than 40°C
Permissible Relative Humidity Less than  80%

Packing List

Order Item Number Order Item Number
1 Mixer 1 6 Condensation clips 1
2 Base 1 7 Stirrer bar 1
3 Supporting stand 2 8 Go chuck wrench 1
4 Beam 1 9 Brusher(Spare) 1
5 Supporting and fixing frame 1 10 Operation manual 1

Attention: You must not run the mixer until the working head is submerged in liquid. Be sure to put the working head in the liquid first, then run the machine and rotate the speed adjusting knob slowly to the right.

One Year Warranty