Lab Modular Dual Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Cell System DYCZ-24F

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Modular Dual Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Cell System DYCZ-24F; Gel size: 200 * 175 mm; Comb Thickness: 1.0/1.5 mm; Buffer Volume: 3500 ml.


1. Special wedge frame design can fix gel rooms firmly;

2. Molded buffer tank with pure platinum electrodes;

3. Gel casting device (1.0, 1.5 mm) makes it convenient to cast the gel;

4. Built-in heat exchanger can eliminate the heat produced during the running;

5. Run one gel or run two gels at the same time;

6. Special lid design avoids mistakes during the operation;

7. Power fails when you open the lid for user's safe;

8. High resolution separation with simple operation.


Gel Dimensions (L * W): 200 * 175 (mm)

Combs: 16 well * 1.0mm, 167 μl volume;

                 16 well * 1.5mm, 251 μl volume;

                 21 well * 1.0mm, 132 μl volume;

                 16 well * 1.5mm, 198 μl volume;

                 (Four kinds of combs for you to choose)

Runs up to 16 or 21 samples

Buffer Volume: About 3,500ml

Size (L * W * H): 300 * 160 * 300 (mm)

Weight: About 4.0 kg


For SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, and second dimension of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, etc.

Suitable Power Supply

DYY – 10C, DYY – 12

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