Laboratory Electric High Speed Mixer AM110W-T 30-2000 rpm

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AM110W-T lab mixer is driven by no carbon brush dc motor, so it’s suitable to agitate low viscosity liquid or to agitate high viscosity liquid in the lab. The structure of this machine is compact. Noise of this machine is low and it is maintenance-free. The rate of agitation is controlled by the microprocessor, so the machine can offset the speed change which is coursed by load change or voltage fluctuation timely and effectively. Automatic overload protection device is built-in, which can ensure high load work in long time hours. Tactile keyboard makes experiment operating more easy. Stepless regulation of the rate of agitation ensure that you can amend the rate at any moment. Digital display device makes that you can collect experimental data intuitively. What’s more, you can control the time of machine run, which ensures accuracy experimental time. This machine can agitate high viscosity slurry with steady rate of agitation.



Model AM110W-T
Rated voltage AC110~220V
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Applied voltage DC 24V
Input power 162W
Output power 110W
Rated torque 13 N·cm 
Max. torque 38
Work mode S1 (continuous)
Status display TFT
Speed range 30~2000 rpm
Timing control range 1~6000 min
Dynamic detection speed Yes
Trend curve of speed Yes
Speed memory function Yes
Overload protection function Yes
Stir bar clamp range Φ 2~10 mm
Mixing processing viscosity 100000 mPa.s
Mixing capacity (H2O) 20 L
Permissible ambient temperature Lower than 40°C
Permissible relative humidity Less than  80%
Size of the mixer (T x B x H) 215 x 310 x 600 mm
Product Weight 7.6 kg
One Year Warranty